Housing Challenges

Housing is a basic human need. But lack of affordable housing to buy or rent and displacement of people due to natural Disasters like: Earthquakes, Droughts, Hurricanes, Landslides, etc. plus ongoing Wars across the Earth Planet as well as rapid Population Growth, are the main factors [just to mention but a few] that are fuelling a global housing crisis

For example: the house prices and rents have been soaring in the EU since 2010. The cost of buying a home in Europe has risen by 45% since 2010, according to European Commission research. Rents have been going up in most European Union countries too, putting pressure on stretched family budgets. Some experts warn that houses are overvalued and that the market could cool as a result of interest rate hikes; And there is so much more to know about how Students, Teachers, Nurses and the Average Government Workers can neither find nor rent a place to stay as close to their place of study, job or both.

There is not a single Country on the Earth Planet where the Government is able meet the Housing Solutions to Combat the rise of Homelessness and the influx of Immigration. However, we [DCD & Constructors] as contributors to housing crisis containment have and can deliver Housing Solutions that are designed to have tremendous social-economical impact there where we can be given a chance to implement our Housing Construction Technologies Architectural Design Know-How and Professional Delivery Services related to Housing Projects, especially requiring 100+ Home Units.